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Filings refer to the granular remains of a material that has been cut or scraped off. Often, there are several synonyms for the term that depend on the relationship of the material in question. For instance, wood filings can be interchangeable with sawdust, while metal filings may be referred to as shavings or chips. In the dental industry, the molten filings generated by drills can be called dust. Also, in legal contexts, the term filings pertains to documents submitted to a court or government office, which can be referred to as documents, papers, pleadings, or submissions. Therefore, the synonym of filings may vary depending on the context or field of usage.

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    1. Filings refers to the formal process through which a company reports its financial information to the SEC. This includes forms 10-K, 10-Q, 8-K and similar filings.

    2. filings are important for shareholders and the public to have access to company financial information. This allows them to track a company's performance and assess its risk.

    3. companies must file all required documents with the SEC no later than the due date shown on the form. Late filings may result in penalties.

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