What is another word for documentation?

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[ d_ˌɒ_k_j_uː_m_ə_n_t_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n], [ dˌɒkjuːməntˈe͡ɪʃən], [ dˌɒkjuːməntˈe‍ɪʃən]

Synonyms for Documentation:

certificate (noun) eastern poison oak (noun) evidence (noun) list (noun) record (noun) eastern poison oak Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Documentation:

  1. interpretation, proliferation, appreciation, divination, imputation, estimation, hibernation, privation, fabrication, annexation, obligation, foundation, orientation, ministration, ostentation, classification, education, expiration, implication, maximization, assimilation, reaffirmation, dehydration, industrialization, termination, dedication, exploration, exfoliation, disorganization, pacification, conjugation, segregation, continuation, deforestation, regeneration, devastation, derivation, preoccupation, arbitration, imitation, ratification, remuneration, sophistication, dictation, rotation, liberalization, desalination, inauguration, dissertation, incarnation, excitation, exhilaration, inhalation, retardation, justification, commemoration, valuation, coagulation, association, usurpation, replication, clarification, desiccation, transformation, anticipation, monopolization, sanitation, location, fragmentation, emancipation, liquidation, conversation, reformation, prognostication, pagination, annotation, hospitalization, dramatization, denunciation, dissociation, collaboration, orchestration, repudiation, coloration, configuration, titillation, indentation, desalinization, preparation, inoculation, incarceration, exhalation, stimulation, notification, confiscation, altercation, emanation, restoration, incubation, invitation, decontamination, devaluation, publication, transplantation, excavation, federation, respiration, reincarnation, initiation, incantation, hallucination, evocation, enumeration, irradiation, naturalization, admiration, mobilization, glaciation, certification, cultivation, affirmation, neutralization, recitation, meditation, segmentation, amputation, identification, alienation, relocation, denomination, desecration, mummification, dissipation, cremation, investigation, oxidation, dispensation, deification, croatian, visitation, deportation, manipulation, exasperation, disinclination, exhortation, falsification, detonation, lactation, stalinization, convocation, automation, recuperation, deregulation, magnification, quotation, domestication, explanation, consecration, deviation, sensation, revelation, damnation, punctuation, exaggeration, degradation, misinterpretation, generalization, sedation, vindication, corporation, urbanization, capitulation, exoneration, cohabitation, expropriation, communization, medication, improvisation, saturation, flirtation, corroboration, procreation, simplification, reverberation, elongation, cogitation, disembarkation, germination, conglomeration, temptation, assassination, vacation, mechanization, discoloration, concatenation, realization, confirmation, proclamation, authorization, evaporation, coordination, decoration, alteration, incapacitation, hesitation, aviation, interrogation, consternation, intonation, gestation, invalidation, revocation, vilification, organization, repatriation, solicitation, reparation, authentication, diversification, affectation, cooperation, navigation, celebration, installation, concentration, nullification, modernization, dissemination, illumination, harmonization, appropriation, deformation, rationalization, amelioration, congregation, conciliation, fluctuation, glorification, eradication, vaporization, imagination, qualification, stipulation, sequestration, reconciliation, starvation, fertilization, collectivization, ovation, formation, oration, immunization, narration, fumigation, intimation, resignation, miscalculation, correlation, reservation, habitation, cancellation, masturbation, compilation, commercialization, suffocation, overpopulation, elevation, globalization, permutation, categorization, contamination, irritation, impregnation, subsidization, condensation, hybridization, salvation, substantiation, operation, compensation, isolation, obfuscation, victimization, congratulation, misrepresentation, misapplication, instigation, participation, miscreation, stabilization, lubrication, inflammation, tabulation, consummation, recantation, decapitation, reunification, protestation, occupation, fermentation, coronation, implementation, domination, variation, stagnation, conflagration, revaluation, differentiation, situation, adjudication, overvaluation, pronunciation, summation, foliation, bifurcation, inclination, dislocation, reputation, confederation, predestination, jubilation, premeditation, optimization, rejuvenation, subordination, generation, reallocation, westernization, mediation, recommendation, relation, irrigation, presentation, refrigeration, figuration, mutation, creation, ovulation, liberation, quantification, resuscitation, triangulation, gravitation, inactivation, reexamination, demonstration, disinflation, oscillation, donation, deprivation, notation, sedimentation, legislation, illustration, deceleration, fixation, emigration, flotation, nomination, legalization, insinuation, denationalization, unification, libration, deliberation, exploitation, speculation, innovation, renovation, aggravation, frustration, civilization, sanctification, impersonation, propagation, adaptation, recreation, equalization, marginalization, approbation, ejaculation, deflation, argumentation, misappropriation, infiltration, perforation, discrimination, organisation, appellation, reorganization, edification, regulation, desegregation, granulation, normalization, undervaluation, amplification, self-congratulation, perturbation, evaluation, pollination, depredation, translation, menstruation, taxation, distillation, unionization, integration, alleviation, vulgarization, excommunication, invocation, renunciation, agitation, malformation, fascination, exclamation, incrustation, constellation, graduation, annihilation, approximation, application, modulation, transportation, simulation, perspiration, humiliation, pasteurization, experimentation, manifestation, allocation, violation, elimination, relaxation, affiliation, exhumation, reiteration, amalgamation, infestation, centralization, refutation, disputation, provocation, limitation, disorientation, constipation, vacillation, facilitation, verification, gyration, population, computation, reclamation, negation, immigration, vibration, calculation, ornamentation, information, multiplication, avocation, corp, degeneration, expectation, purification, strangulation, articulation, molestation, retaliation, consolation, equitation, amortization, complication, agglomeration, evacuation, utilization, electrification, expatriation, palpitation, combination, insubordination, fluoridation, vaccination, destabilization, calibration, profanation, aspiration, separation, miniaturization, intimidation, inhabitation, pigmentation, confabulation, levitation, registration, allegation, validation, gratification, indication, demoralization, consultation, visualization, emulation, conservation, personification, specification, mitigation, moderation, perpetuation, litigation, condemnation, duration, fortification, importation, codification, procrastination, examination, rehabilitation, localization, motivation, preservation, ramification, implantation, extermination, destination, demarcation, instrumentation, magnetization, culmination, dalmatian, consolidation, colonization, desperation, trepidation, precipitation, sterilization, embarkation, disintegration, criminalization, infatuation, discontinuation, radiation, modification, dehumanization, standardization, rectification, observation, elaboration, augmentation, inspiration, commendation, nationalization, echolocation, elation, incoordination, ionization, demobilization, tribulation, animation, reconsideration, depreciation, intoxication, contemplation, escalation, polarization, maturation, determination, dilation, declaration, vocation, rumination, gradation, reforestation, inflation, ordination, privatization, revitalization, indignation, socialization, ossification, vegetation, dilatation, connotation, adulation, duplication, characterization, delineation, desolation, defamation, nonproliferation, democratization, reinvigoration, machination, equivocation, origination, delegation, inundation, confrontation, representation, specialization, exacerbation, consideration, ventilation, insulation, incorporation, formulation, accumulation, incrimination, negotiation, communication, remediation, indemnification, designation, adoration, plantation, decentralization, popularization, prostration, toleration, demonization;
  2. station, ration, nation;
  3. cessation, causation, citation, carnation, castration, alsatian, cetacean;
  4. abrogation, activation, aberration, abdication, accusation, acclimation;
  5. accommodation, abbreviation, accreditation, acceleration, abomination;
  6. capitalization, alphabetization;
  7. demilitarization, decriminalization, americanization;
  8. internationalization;

Quotes for Documentation:

  1. There are, for example, exemptions in FOIA in which the government can withhold certain kinds of information, and the courts have recognized that there is certain documentation that do deserve protection, that certain privileges do apply and do deserve protection. Alberto Gonzales.
  2. Art is to me the glorification of the human spirit, and as such it is the cultural documentation of the time in which it is produced. Hans Hofmann.
  3. It is deeply shocking and incomprehensible to me that despite volumes of documentation and living witnesses who can attest to the horrors of the Holocaust, there are still those who would deny it. Mark Udall.

Adjectives for Documentation:

  • endless and onerous,
  • old incomplete,
  • horrific historical,
  • incomprehensible but official,
  • radical prescriptive,
  • hard-core, irrefutable,
  • collateral and false,
  • original technical,
  • precious and ancient,
  • tri-lingual,
  • enough scientific,
  • complete and correct,
  • necessary official,
  • excellent historical,
  • rather sparse,
  • otherwise excellent,
  • other historical,
  • prescriptive,
  • tutorial,
  • procedural,
  • irrefutable,
  • bootleg,
  • believable,
  • more specific,
  • in-house,
  • hard-core,
  • purported,
  • onerous,
  • literate,
  • real good,
  • more extensive,
  • precious little,
  • chronological,
  • ever-changing,
  • perfunctory,
  • fictional,
  • photographic,
  • enough,
  • fraudulent,
  • supplementary,
  • valid,
  • sloppy,
  • improper,
  • exacting,
  • telltale,
  • own private,
  • incomplete,
  • sparse,
  • witty,
  • lawful,
  • acceptable,
  • inadequate,
  • educational,
  • miscellaneous,
  • elusive,
  • tiresome,
  • arbitrary,
  • incomprehensible,
  • comprehensive,
  • creative,
  • protective,
  • unnecessary,
  • suspicious,
  • hospital,
  • sober,
  • available,
  • secondary,
  • limited,
  • corresponding,
  • material,
  • obvious,
  • precious,
  • serious,
  • recent,
  • occasional,
  • private,
  • perfect,
  • regular,
  • present,
  • strange,
  • ancient,
  • huge,
  • poor,
  • certain,
  • exact racial,
  • full online,
  • complete formal,
  • proper and complete,
  • present medical,
  • present satisfactory,
  • reasonably complete,
  • internal or external,
  • also considerable,
  • ironclad,
  • pertinent,
  • online,
  • fuller,
  • voluminous,
  • prehistoric,
  • convincing,
  • scant,
  • overwhelming,
  • satisfactory,
  • habitual,
  • financial,
  • multiple,
  • essential,
  • vital,
  • identical,
  • substantial,
  • external,
  • unique,
  • internal,
  • military,
  • clear,
  • general,
  • austrian jewish,
  • chinese and japanese,
  • untrustworthy,
  • collateral,
  • impeccable,
  • exhaustive,
  • such other,
  • bureaucratic,
  • linguistic,
  • insufficient,
  • invaluable,
  • positive,
  • japanese,
  • valuable,
  • chinese,
  • gigantic,
  • social,
  • massive,
  • excellent,
  • back artifactual,
  • artifactual,
  • further official,
  • other relevant,
  • mandatory,
  • incorrect,
  • last-minute,
  • counterfeit,
  • exceptional,
  • exact,
  • absolute,
  • endless,
  • final,
  • splendidly official,
  • highly official,
  • little reliable,
  • pictorial,
  • copious,
  • alternate,
  • additional,
  • local,
  • original,
  • extensive, conclusive,
  • on-line,
  • conclusive,
  • reliable,
  • specific,
  • solid,
  • equally authentic,
  • racial,
  • fake,
  • scientific,
  • formal,
  • best,
  • genuine, hard,
  • precise,
  • medical,
  • permanent,
  • genuine,
  • appropriate,
  • further,
  • glossy,
  • legitimate,
  • primary,
  • actual,
  • ample,
  • historical,
  • careful,
  • legal,
  • ancillary,
  • extensive,
  • adequate,
  • correct,
  • considerable,
  • hard,
  • faultless electronic,
  • tedious,
  • electronic,
  • false,
  • necessary,
  • complete,
  • relevant,
  • technical,
  • full,
  • authentic,
  • free,
  • proper,
  • official.