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Flint is a type of rock that is commonly used for making tools and starting fires. However, there are many synonyms for the word flint that can be used to describe rocks with similar properties. One such synonym is chert, which is a type of sedimentary rock that is made of microcrystalline quartz. Another synonym is jasper, which is a type of opaque quartz that is often used for decorative purposes. Other synonyms for flint include agate, onyx, and obsidian, all of which are types of rocks that have similar properties and can be used in place of flint for tool-making or fire-starting.

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Flint is a form of igneous rock, finely divided by sedimentary material. Flint discovered in the Thames Valley deposits is a reminder that the area has been inhabited for a considerable period. There are several types of flint, including sharp-edged arrowheads, hand axes and choppers. Prehistoric flint tools have been found, testifying to the fact that man has been exploiting the stone for many centuries. When struck, flint produces a bright spark, and can be used for making fire-starting devices, weapons and tools.

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  • Flynt.

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