What is another word for obdurate?

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Obdurate is a powerful word that describes someone who is stubborn, unyielding or stubbornly resistant to change. Some synonyms for obdurate include steadfast, resolute, determined, persistent, inflexible, unrelenting, unyielding, immovable, and stubborn. Each of these synonyms expresses a slightly different aspect of the idea of being obdurate, but all share the same basic connotation of being firm, unwavering, and intractable. Whether you're describing a person, a situation or an attitude, using these synonyms for obdurate can help you to convey a sense of strength and conviction that is both powerful and enduring.

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    What are the opposite words for obdurate?

    Obdurate, defined as stubbornly refusing to change one's opinion or actions, can be associated with a few antonyms. Firstly, accommodating, which means easily adaptive, considerate, and helpful, would be one of the antonyms of obdurate. Secondly, flexible, which means dynamic, adjustable, and tolerant, is another antonym of the term obdurate. Lastly, amenable, which means cooperative, compliant, and cooperative, is another antonym for the word obdurate. Overall, these words refer to people who are open to learning, changing their opinion, and behavior, unlike obdurate individuals who are inflexible and stubborn in their approach.

    Usage examples for Obdurate

    But Dan was obdurate, and, looking over his shoulder, he said, "It's the orders of the mistress, and they're to be obeyed."
    "Paddy Finn"
    W. H. G. Kingston
    But his heart was too obdurate to yield to the orphan's or widow's tears; and that forgiveness he had refused to his own child, he vowed never to extend to hers.
    "The Mysterious Wanderer, Vol. I"
    Sophia Reeve
    He had been obdurate.
    "The Crisis, Volume 7"
    Winston Churchill

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