What is another word for firebrand?

Pronunciation: [fˈa͡ɪ͡əbɹand] (IPA)

Firebrand is a provocative term used to describe someone who is passionate, agitating, or rebellious. Synonyms of firebrand include agitator, incendiary, instigator, malcontent, provocateur, radical, rabble-rouser, and troublemaker. These words typically describe individuals who stir up trouble, challenge the status quo, and push for change. Some synonyms, like agitator and malcontent, suggest a more negative connotation while others like radical and provocateur convey a more positive or proactive association. Regardless of the nuance, synonyms for firebrand all point to someone who is willing to take action and champion their beliefs, often with an assertive or confrontational approach.

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What are the opposite words for firebrand?

Firebrand is a term that defines a person who is passionate and motivates others towards a particular cause or mission. Antonyms on the other hand are words that are opposite in meaning to a given word. Antonyms for firebrand would be words like apathetic, impassive, indifferent, and unenthusiastic. These words describe individuals who lack passion and drive towards any particular cause, and as such are unlikely to make an impact in driving change. So, while firebrand inspires vigor and enthusiasm in others, the antonymic words neutralize any passion or driving force towards a particular cause or mission.

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Usage examples for Firebrand

Our author says, Mr. Puffington "had no natural inclination for hunting," but he seems to have become M.F.H. so that he might entertain some of the sporting friends he had made at college, such "dashing young sparks as Lord firebrand, Lord Mudlark, Lord Deuceace, Sir Harry Blueun, Lord Legbail, now Earl of Loosefish," and so on.
"John Leech, His Life and Work. Vol. 1"
William Powell Frith
Lord Brougham was, in the eyes of Punch and many others, a firebrand in the House of Lords.
"John Leech, His Life and Work. Vol. 1"
William Powell Frith
This was rather an incongruous ending to Miss Twettenham's speech, but the old lady's eyes bespoke her trouble, and she went on: "It seems to me, my dear, that, with her love of admiration, she will be like a firebrand in the camp, and I shudder when I think of what Mr Perowne will say, when I'm sure, sisters, we have striven our very best."
"One Maid's Mischief"
George Manville Fenn

Famous quotes with Firebrand

  • That is the war-cry of '93! That is the signal of revolutions! Reader, calm yourself: I am no agent of discord, no firebrand of sedition. I anticipate history by a few days; I disclose a truth whose development we may try in vain to arrest; I write the preamble of our future constitution. This proposition which seems to you blasphemous — — would, if our prejudices allowed us to consider it, be recognized as the lightning-rod to shield us from the coming thunderbolt; but too many interests stand in the way! … Alas! philosophy will not change the course of events: destiny will fulfill itself regardless of prophecy. Besides, must not justice be done and our education be finished?
    Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

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