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Pebbles are small, round, and smooth stones often found on beaches and river beds. Synonyms for the word "pebble" include stone, rock, cobble, boulder, gravel, nugget, and grain. Each of these words represents a different size, shape, or texture of stones. A "stone" is a generic term used for any small piece of rock, whereas a "cobble" usually refers to a rounded stone larger than a pebble. "Boulder" denotes a much larger rock, often too big to carry easily. "Gravel" is small pieces of crushed stone, and "nugget" implies a more valuable or precious stone. "Grain" can denote very small pebbles or sand.

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The word, "pebble", is derived from the Old English word "byter", meaning "a small round gravel, stone, or piece of glass". Pebbles have been used by humans for millennia for a myriad of purposes, including for throwing, for smoother surfaces, for decorative purposes, and for traction on wet surfaces. Pebbles are also found in many places around the world, and many species of plants and animals depend on them for food and shelter.

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