What is another word for footage?

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Footage refers to the amount of film or video that is recorded for a particular purpose. In the modern era of endless technological possibilities, there are several synonyms for the word footage. These synonyms include visual content, moving images, film, movie, video, and clips. The term visual content can be used when referring to any type of visual material that is recorded, whether it be on film or video. Moving images is another convenient synonym for footage that is often used in the context of video production. Meanwhile, film and movie are also commonly used synonyms for footage, especially in the context of cinema. Finally, video and clips are used interchangeably to refer to short pieces of recorded footage.

How to use "Footage" in context?

Footage is a type of visual media created by capturing moving images on film or digital media. As of 2014, film remains the most commonly used medium for capturing footage, while digital media is increasingly used to capture and store footage. The term can also refer to recordings of live events.

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