What is another word for bushel?

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Bushel is a measurement unit that corresponds to an amount of weight or volume of dry ingredients. Some synonyms for bushel include peck, sack, basket, and bag. These terms can be used to describe a specific amount of produce such as fruits, vegetables, or grains. For example, a peck of apples would represent roughly 10-12 pounds of the fruit. A sack of potatoes could weigh between 50-100 pounds depending on the size of the bag. A basket of tomatoes may contain anywhere from 20-30 pounds of the fruit. Other synonyms for bushel could include bundle, crate, or bin, which all describe quantities of produce that are commonly sold or measured.

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    The word "bushel" has several antonyms that are associated with different concepts. The opposite of "bushel" regarding quantity is "scarcity," which means a shortage or a lack of something. Another antonym is "decline," which refers to a reduction or decrease in the amount or quality of goods. In terms of dimension, the opposite of "bushel" would be "minuscule," which describes something tiny or insignificant. Furthermore, "emptiness" is another antonym that can be related to "bushel," as it refers to the absence of contents or something that is hollow. Lastly, the antonym "rarity" can be applied to "bushel" because it refers to something that is scarce or uncommon.

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