What is another word for flick?

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The word flick can be defined as a quick, light movement or a snapping motion. Some synonyms for the word flick are swipe, snap, flip, jerk, toss, skim, and whisk. A swipe is a quick, sweeping movement. Snap implies a sudden, sharp movement, while flip implies a quick, agile motion. Jerk refers to a sudden, abrupt movement, and toss implies a more forceful and deliberate movement. Skim involves gliding over a surface lightly, and whisk suggests a fast, vigorous movement. These alternate words can be used to add variety and nuance to writing and speech, making it more interesting and expressive.

Similar words: flicka, flick v, flicker, blick, flicka v

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    Usage examples for Flick

    He found himself invigorated to an extraordinary degree by his intimacy with that resourceful, courageous, and lovable being, who would never speak of the future, waving it away with a flick of her adorable hand and looking at him for an instant with an intent, unfathomable stare.
    William McFee
    He gave the old mare a flick, now and again, with a stripped branch he had in his right hand, though it made no more impression than a fly alighting on her thick hair.
    "The Pioneers"
    Katharine Susannah Prichard
    Very quietly she went to his door, slipped the note silently beneath it, then with her bent finger gave it a good flick.
    "Helena Brett's Career"
    Desmond Coke

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