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Interval can be defined as a period of time between two events or a break between two sounds. However, there are multiple synonyms for this word, such as gap, pause, break, interlude, span, space, intermission, hiatus, or lull. Gap refers to a space between two things or the lack of something. Pause refers to a temporary stop in an activity or a speech. Break refers to an interruption in a process, relationship, or condition. Interlude refers to a short period of time between two activities or events. Span refers to the duration of something or a period of time between two points. Space refers to an empty area or an infinite expanse. Intermission refers to a break or pause between two parts of a performance. Hiatus refers to a temporary cessation of an activity or relationship. Lull refers to a temporary calm or a moment of stillness before something happens.

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How to use "Interval" in context?

The word interval is derived from the Latin verb intervallare, meaning "to separate," "to divide," or "to distribute." Interval is used to describe the duration of two or more events that are separated by a time interval.

In mathematics, an interval is denoted by an Arabic numeral, such as "2," "3," or "5." The smaller the number, the greater the interval. An interval can be measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, or years.

An interval can be measured simply by counting the number of seconds, minutes, hours, or days that separate two events.

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