What is another word for football?

Pronunciation: [fˈʊtbɔːl] (IPA)

Football is a popular sport worldwide and is played in different variations. While the term "football" is widely used, there are other synonyms for this word. It is known as soccer in several countries, especially in the United States, Canada, and Australia. In some countries, the words "footie" or "footy" are commonly used to refer to football. It is also called association football, to differentiate it from other football codes like American football and Australian rules football. In the UK, the phrase "the beautiful game" is often used to describe football. Some people also use the term "the world game" as it is a sport that is enjoyed worldwide.

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Usage examples for Football

Can you tell me where the lists are for football?
Hugh Walpole
He's very good at football, although he's only been here a year.
Hugh Walpole
He was only fifteen and small for his age, but his uncompromising attitude about things, his silence, his football, gave him a surprising importance-but even now it was respect rather than popularity.
Hugh Walpole

Famous quotes with Football

  • But my biggest passion is football.
    Greg Akcelrod
  • I think if you want to become a great football player, professional, you must give all the time one hundred percent, you must work hard - to be lucky is a good thing - but if you work hard and you give everything you will have great success.
    Greg Akcelrod
  • We sat around on a hotel balcony with a bottle of wine and tried to figure out how you would go about blowing up a planet. That's the kind of conversations science fiction writers have when they get together. We don't talk about football or anything like that.
    Kevin J. Anderson
  • There is a broad cultural current that conveys the idea that a film is like a football team, it represents a nation, it is illustrated literature, filmed radio. These are outdated concepts, totally out of touch with today's realities.
    Jean-Jacques Annaud
  • Because I was small, I was getting the hell kicked out of me playing football.
    Burt Bacharach

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