What is another word for gargoyle?

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When it comes to synonyms for the word "gargoyle," the first option that pops up is probably "chimera." This term often refers to a mythical creature with a lion's head, goat's body, and dragon's tail that was frequently used as a decorative element on ancient buildings. Another possible synonym is "grotesque," which is a term for any ornamental figure or sculpture that is fanciful or fantastic, often featuring humans or animals in distorted or exaggerated forms. Other options might include "spout," "statue," or "carving," depending on the context and the specific features of the object in question.

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    How to use "Gargoyle" in context?

    The gargoyle is a mythical creature that is popular in modern day art and literature. Gargoyles are often depicted as protective beasts and are often found perched on high surfaces such as towers, spires, or roofs. The name "gargoyle" is derived from the Latin word gargarus, which means " coughing." Gargoyles are said to have been created by the Devil to guard churches from witches and other evil creatures.

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