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Sluice is a term that refers to a channel that allows water to flow, usually in a controlled manner, for various purposes. There are many synonyms for sluice including conduit, channel, duct, pipeline, trough, and flume. Each of these words refers to a structure or pathway that water can flow through to reach its destination. Conduits and pipelines are typically used to transport water over long distances. Channels and troughs create waterways that help distribute water to specific areas. Lastly, flumes are channels that are often used to transport water down steep hillsides. Each of these synonyms offers a unique take on the concept of a sluice, but all are useful for controlling the flow of water.

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The sluice is a type of valve used chiefly in water supply and drainage systems. When a water flow is greater than the rate at which it can be dispersed through a certain opening, a water droplet is formed. These droplets coalesce and continue to fall until the flow becomes equal to or less than the rate of dispersion, at which point the droplets break away from the flow and disperse.

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