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Arroyo is a word borrowed from the Spanish language to describe a dry creek or a seasonal stream. Synonyms for arroyo include gully, ravine, coulee or wash, which are all natural channels for water. Wadi, arroyo seco, and barranca are other words sourced from different languages that are used to describe similar features. Arroyos are often found in arid regions where flash floods can occur, and they can be dangerous to hikers and motorists during rainy seasons. People use the term arroyo interchangeably with drainages, creeks, and streams, but arroyos represent a unique geographical feature that is specific to the American Southwest and other arid regions of the world.

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Arroyo (Spanish for "ravine") is a lowland stream or riverbed that is usually much narrower than it is deep. Arroyos can be quite short and intermittent, or they can stretch for miles. Depending on the geographic location, arroyos may be populated with a wide variety of flora and fauna.

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