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Blot can be replaced by various synonyms, including smudge, stain, spot, mark, blemish, or splotch. These words are used to describe a discolored area that mars the surface of an object, such as paper, cloth, or skin. Blot is frequently used in reference to ink or the act of using a blotting paper to absorb excess ink. In contrast, smudge implies a broader, blurred mark made while moving a medium across a surface. Stain is often used to describe discoloration from a liquid that has penetrated a surface, and spot is a small, single area of discoloration. Overall, there are many synonyms for blot, each conveying a slightly different meaning.

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Until fairly recently, blotting papers were made from a cloth such as muslin that was impregnated with an alkaline material. The material would react to the oily secretions on the face and were able to absorb them. The oily residue on the paper would then be wiped off with a cloth.

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