What is another word for ornamentation?

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Ornamentation can be described in many different ways. Some common synonyms for ornamentation include embellishment, decoration, adornment, design, trinket, and finery. Ornamentation can also be called decoration, garnish, or beautification. In the realm of fashion and design, ornamentation can be referred to as trim, lace, applique, motif, embroidery, or detailing. Other synonyms for ornamentation include accessory, bauble, decoration, and frill. No matter what word you choose to describe ornamentation, it is clear that it is a way to add beauty and elegance to any object or space.

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    Ornamentation is the use of attractive features in a structure to make it look more pleasing or effective. It can be as simple as a vase of flowers on a kitchen counter, or as elaborate as intricate carvings on a cathedral's interior wall. Ornamentation can also be used on everyday items like door handles or shelf brackets.

    While ornamentation is often associated with churches and other religious institutions, it has been used in various other contexts for centuries. For example, in Ancient Greece, elaborate decorations were used on public statues to make them look more impressive.

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