What is another word for gnats?

Pronunciation: [nˈats] (IPA)

Gnats are small, flying insects that are often seen around outdoor lights, plants, and water sources. These pesky bugs can be a nuisance, causing bites and buzzing noises. However, when it comes to describing these insects, there are several synonyms to choose from. Some common synonyms for gnats include midges, black flies, no-see-ums, and biting gnats. While they may have different names, these insects all share similar characteristics such as their small size and flying ability. It's important to take precautions to avoid being bitten by these insects, such as wearing protective clothing and using bug spray when spending time outdoors.

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Usage examples for Gnats

Clouds of tiny gnats circle in the sheltered places near houses or thatch.
"Wild Life in a Southern County"
Richard Jefferies
They were principally bees, wasps, large black flies, and tiny gnats.
"Wild Life in a Southern County"
Richard Jefferies
The sun shone, and lit up the oaks, whose every leaf was brown or buff; the gnats played in thousands in the mild air under the branches.
"Hodge and His Masters"
Richard Jefferies

Famous quotes with Gnats

  • Girls blush, sometimes, because they are alive, half wishing they were dead to save the shame. The sudden blush devours them, neck and brow; They have drawn too near the fire of life, like gnats, and flare up bodily, wings and all. What then? Who's sorry for a gnat or girl?
    Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • Verily, civilized patriots strain gnats and swallow camels!
    Kirby Page
  • Then in a wailful choir the small gnats mourn Among the river sallows, borne aloft Or sinking as the light wind lives or dies.
    John Keats
  • If you have observed nature, you would have proved that the question of the numbers of mates is certainly not a question of arithmetic. With gnats, ten females are born to one male. Now gnats are not polygamous. Nine out of those females dies spinsters. It is only the old maids who bite us, from which one sees that celibacy engenders ferocity among insects as well as among women.
    André Maurois
  • In order to spare you any further repulsion, it would be best not to mention any of the unpleasant details of this story, particularly a secret message, a toboggan, a deceitful trap, a swarm of snow gnats, a scheming villain, a troupe of organized youngsters, a covered casserole dish, and a surprising survivor of a terrible fire.
    Daniel Handler

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