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Fleas are tiny, blood-sucking parasites that infest pets and homes. If you are searching for synonyms for the word "flea," you can use words such as, bug, louse, mite, parasite, tick or vermin. These words describe organisms that may cause harm or disruption to people's lives. Fleas can easily jump from one host to another, making them a nuisance in homes and pet owners will want to get rid of them quickly. Knowing synonyms for the word "flea" may help people better identify and describe these unwanted pests, making it easier for them to find effective solutions.

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Fleas are the parasitic pests that infest the skin and fur of mammals. Adult fleas are about the size of a quarter and have an elongated body with alternating dark and light stripes. Fleas have four pairs of legs and a long tail. Fleas feed on blood from their hosts.

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