What is another word for beetle?

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[ bˈiːtə͡l], [ bˈiːtə‍l], [ b_ˈiː_t_əl]

Related words: black beetle, brown beetle, green beetle, white beetle, purple beetle, black and yellow beetle, stag beetle

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    The beetle is one of the most common creatures on Earth. It can be found in almost any climate, including the Arctic and the tropics. Beetles are small, but they are very common. Some beetles can measure up to 2 inches in length. Most beetles have wings, but some do not. Beetles have antennae, eyes, and mouthparts. They are able to move really fast, and they can also climb very well. Beetles are able to digest most things, including hard foods. Beetles can also lay eggs. There are a lot of different kinds of beetles, and they vary a lot in their appearance.

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