What is another word for tick?

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[ t_ˈɪ_k], [ tˈɪk], [ tˈɪk]

Synonyms for Tick:

insect (noun) oscillate (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Tick:

  1. nick, brick, sick, slick, mc, mick, click, stick, flick, pick, lick, sic, kick, klick, pic, chick, hick, quick, trick, dick, rick, frick, wick, tic, crick, thick;
  2. handpick, nonstick;
  3. realpolitik;

Quotes for Tick:

  1. Because it is my second season with the team, no time has been wasted in getting to know the people I'm working with. I am aware of what the team is capable of and how the organisation works, and they are familiar with what makes me tick Damon Hill.
  2. By exploring the political and moral colorings of discoveries about what makes us tick we can have a more honest science and a less fearful intellectual milieu. Steven Pinker.
  3. You know, that kind of coldness, you know. And I think, yeah, I think that definitely helped. The female characters on the show, you can see some of them wanting to know what makes him tick And I guess that translates into some of the fans outside. You know? Matt Robinson.

Idioms of Tick:

  1. full as a tick
  2. tick sm off;
  3. what makes sm tick