What is another word for headquartered?

Pronunciation: [hɛdkwˈɔːtəd] (IPA)

The word "headquartered" refers to the location of the main office of an organization or company. Synonyms for this word include "based," "located," "centered," "situated," and "established." Other similar terms include "head office," "main office," "central office," and "corporate headquarters." These words are often used to describe the primary location of a business or organization, and are important for identifying where important decisions are made and where key employees work. The use of synonyms for "headquartered" helps to add variety and nuance to language, and allows speakers and writers to express themselves more effectively and precisely.

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What are the hypernyms for Headquartered?

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Usage examples for Headquartered

He was headquartered in one of those solid, granite-faced buildings near the Metropolitan that are constructed like small fortresses-presumably so New York's upper one tenth of one percent can repel the long-feared assault of the homeless hordes at their feet.
"The Samurai Strategy"
Thomas Hoover

Famous quotes with Headquartered

  • At the outset, at least, all three groups had something else to recommend them, as well: They were headquartered 3,000 miles away from the East Side of Manhattan.
    Thomas Wolfe

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