What is another word for seated?

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Seated is a common word to describe sitting down, but sometimes you need to vary your vocabulary. Some synonyms for the word seated include perched, stationed, ensconced, placed, anchored, settled, and positioned. If you want to describe someone in a comfortable seated position, you could also use the words cushy or cozy. For a more formal tone, you could opt for terms like installed or arranged. Other alternatives to the word seated could include words like rested, nestled, or lounging. By using synonyms, you can add variety to your language and make your writing more engaging.

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    When you're seated, your back and hips are more likely to touch the back of the chair. This can create pressure in your lower back, neck, and hips and may lead to pain. To avoid these problems, adjust your chair to a comfortable position, and always sit up straight.

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