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The word "found" is commonly used to refer to discovering something new or establishing something that already exists. However, it's essential to have an arsenal of words at your disposal to avoid repeating the same word multiple times in your writing. Some possible synonyms for the word "found" include established, founded, uncovered, detected, unearthed, located, spotted, identified, noticed, pinpointed, traced, detected, and disclosed. These words convey similar meanings, but each brings its unique tone and texture to the written expression. By using synonyms related to the word "found," you can make your writing richer and more varied.

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How to use "Found" in context?

Found items are often overlooked, but they can reveal a great deal about a person's character. Here are five examples of amazing discoveries that may surprise you.

1. A lost ring can tell a story of a lifetime.

2. A forgotten bag can reveal a person's thoughts and feelings.

3. A found wallet can tell a story of a journey.

4. A found cigarette can humble a smoker.

5. A lost key can reveal the inner workings of a person's home.

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