What is another word for structured?

Pronunciation: [stɹˈʌkt͡ʃəd] (IPA)

Structured is a word that describes something that is well-organized and has a clear system or framework in place. When it comes to finding synonyms for structured, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some possible alternatives to structured include organized, systematic, methodical, well-planned, orderly, and well-arranged. Other synonyms to consider might include well-coordinated, well-designed, well-regulated, well-controlled, and well-ordered. Ultimately, the choice of synonym will depend on the context and the specific meaning that you are trying to convey. Whether you are writing an academic paper, a business report, or a piece of creative writing, finding the right synonym for structured can help you to express your ideas in a more effective and engaging way.

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What are the opposite words for structured?

The word "structured" usually refers to something that has a clear and organized layout or framework. Its antonyms include "unstructured," "disorganized," "chaotic," "unplanned," and "spontaneous." An unstructured approach to a task or project might involve a lack of planning, ad hoc decision-making, and an inability to prioritize or stick to a plan. Similarly, a disorganized workplace might be cluttered and messy, with no clear filing system or method for dealing with tasks. A chaotic situation might involve confusion, disorder, and a lack of control, while a spontaneous event might be unplanned and unpredictable. Each of these antonyms highlights a different aspect of the absence of structure.

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Usage examples for Structured

All reservists are assigned to units structured to complement and provide needed depth to our active forces.
"State of the Union Addresses of Jimmy Carter"
Jimmy Carter
They are normally structured by topic and the structure is influenced by the participants' behavior.
"The Online World"
Odd de Presno
Great Oaks was also structured as a school because I wanted to both learn and teach.
"How and When to Be Your Own Doctor"
Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon

Famous quotes with Structured

  • Poetry leads us to the unstructured sources of our beings, to the unknown, and returns us to our rational, structured selves refreshed.
    A. R. Ammons
  • Most jobs today are still structured the same way they were 50 years ago, when most families had someone who could stay at home.
    Joan Blades
  • People forget... that we structured it so that the government, or the people, would be repaid with a really good rate of return. And as it turns out, that aspect of TARP, that's what happened.
    George W. Bush
  • For me a thriller is a very carefully structured story.
    Jeffery Deaver
  • In a society which is structured the wrong way, piety has no effect.
    Friedrich Durrenmatt

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