What is another word for poised?

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The word "poised" means to be calm, confident, and composed. There are several synonyms for the word poised, including confident, composed, self-assured, self-confident, collected, calm, tranquil, serene, unflappable, steady and cool-headed. When you are poised, you are not easily shaken by negative circumstances or disruptive events around you. Being poised also involves maintaining a sense of control and balance in difficult situations. It is important to be poised in life as it helps in managing stress and anxiety. Therefore, strive to be poised in all situations as this helps you to remain focused and composed.

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How to use "Poised" in context?

The ability to be poised is an important quality. It is the ability to hold your own in any situation and to remain in control. Poised individuals are self-confident and know how to carry themselves. They are also able to remain calm in tough situations.

Being poised means being in control of your emotions and your body. It means knowing how to respond to situations calmly and efficiently. It also means knowing how to balance your responsibilities and your own personal desires.

Poised individuals are able to maintain their composure under pressure. They know how to read people and react instantaneously. This makes them very effective in a variety of situations.

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