What is another word for ideograph?

Pronunciation: [ˈɪdɪˌɒɡɹaf] (IPA)

An ideograph is a written symbol that represents an idea or concept, rather than a specific word or sound. Synonyms for ideograph include hieroglyph, pictogram, symbol, character and glyph. Hieroglyphs were used in ancient Egypt, whereas pictograms are commonly used in modern signage. Symbols may represent abstract concepts or physical objects, while characters are specific to certain writing systems, such as Chinese or Japanese. Glyphs may refer to any written symbol, particularly in ancient writing systems or typography. Each of these synonyms conveys a slightly different nuance, but all indicate a form of visual communication that uses symbols rather than words.

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Usage examples for Ideograph

"All these modify the ideograph, apparently representing death.
"The Tracer of Lost Persons"
Robert W. Chambers
He would make his son, the Crown Prince, temporary Emperor, using a Chinese ideograph for his new title which could scarce be distinguished from the title giving him final and full authority.
"Korea's Fight for Freedom"
F.A. McKenzie
The picture, the ideograph, the symbol-these are not the thing.
"Breaking Point"
James E. Gunn

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