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There are several synonyms for the word "badge," which is a small emblem or token worn to signify membership in a particular group or organization. Some common synonyms include pin, crest, emblem, emblematic, token, medallion, insignia, and knot. Each of these terms describes a similar object used to identify someone as a member of a group or to signify accomplishment or achievement. A pin or medallion might be given to athletes for participation in a sports event, while an emblem or crest might be used to identify a military rank. Whatever the purpose, the different synonyms for badge provide a variety of options to describe this common form of identification.

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    Badges are uniform insignia, introduced in 1868, worn by members of the United States military and naval services, and later by other uniformed services. A pan-European system of identifying marks was first proposed in 1868 but did not come into general use until the early 1900s. In the United States, badges are usually worn on the left chest, above the pocket of a soldier's dress uniform. Naval officers wear them on the right shoulder, above the pocket of the service dress blue uniform.

    A badge normally identifies an organization, agency, or service and its members.

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