What is another word for determinative?

Pronunciation: [dɪtˈɜːmɪnətˌɪv] (IPA)

Determinative is an adjective used to describe something that has the power to determine, influence, or decide an outcome. Some synonyms for determinative include crucial, decisive, significant, pivotal, important, influential, paramount, and key. These words are often used interchangeably to describe the importance of an event, decision, or action. They can be used in various contexts, from business to politics to daily life situations. Recognizing synonyms, such as determinative, can help one improve their vocabulary and articulate their thoughts more effectively. Whether writing an essay, email, or participating in a formal discussion, it is important to have a diverse range of words to accurately convey one's message.

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What are the opposite words for determinative?

Determinative, as an adjective, describes something that is decisive or able to determine the outcome of something. Therefore, some antonyms or opposite words for determinative could be indecisive, uncertain or ambiguous. Indecisive means unsure or hesitant, and typically indicates a lack of clear determination. Uncertain means unsure, hesitant or hesitant of a possible outcome. Ambiguous, on the other hand, means having multiple meanings or interpretations, which can be confusing and not determine anything. These antonyms of the word determinative are useful in situations where one wants to convey a lack of clarity or decisiveness, or wants to express something with multiple meanings.

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Usage examples for Determinative

This induced me to write her a letter upon the subject, which will be found in my collections, and wherein I gave such of my reasons as I could make public, without exposing Madam le Vasseur and her family; the most determinative of them came from that quarter, and these I kept profoundly secret.
"The Confessions of J. J. Rousseau, Book VIII."
Jean Jacques Rousseau
The utterances of the Independent were determinative of popular thought and conviction in an extraordinary degree.
"Recollections of a Varied Life"
George Cary Eggleston
I use the word negro because the descriptive term black or colored is not determinative.
"The Complete Essays of C. D. Warner"
Charles Dudley Warner

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