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When trying to communicate the identity or ethos of an organization, a symbol can be powerful. There are many different synonyms for the word 'emblem' that can be utilized, including 'logo', 'badge', 'crest', 'insignia', 'seal', 'token', and 'device'. These terms are all related to graphic representations that can easily be recognized and communicate the values or mission of the group they represent. While a logo might be more focused on the image itself, a badge or crest can incorporate words or other elements to more fully define the group. No matter which synonym is used, the goal of an emblem is to create a recognizable identity for an organization.

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How to use "Emblem" in context?

When looking at an emblem, think about what it represents and why it is important. On a government or corporate flag, the emblem typically represents the country, province, or organization. For example, the Canadian flag features a maple leaf as its emblem, representing Canada's deep roots in forestry and industry. Corporate emblems may also be used to represent a brand or product. For example, the apple logo is a corporate emblem and represents several products, including computers and cell phones. Emblems may also be used to represent an event or activity.

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