What is another word for masher?

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A masher is a kitchen tool used for mashing food items such as potatoes, vegetables, or fruits. It is also known as a potato masher or smasher. Some synonyms for the term masher include food processor, hand blender, whisk, or immersion blender. A food processor is an electric kitchen appliance that can chop, grind, and puree various food items. A hand blender, on the other hand, is a handheld electric appliance used for blending or pureeing foods. A whisk is an old-fashioned manual tool used for beating or mixing ingredients together. An immersion blender is another handheld device used for blending and pureeing. All of these kitchen tools are versatile and essential for preparing various dishes in the kitchen.

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How to use "Masher" in context?

When someone is called a "masher," they are usually being given a negative connotation. Historically, mashers were usually those who were employed in mob-type activities, such as street-hustling. The term originally comes from the early 1900s, when a man would allegedly hit a woman with a hat, in order to create a diversion so that he could take her money or jewelry.Over time, the meaning of the term has come to refer to someone who is unpleasant or overly rough. In today's society, the term is more often used as an insult, to describe someone who is mistreated or who is not taken seriously.

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