What is another word for lover?

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[ lˈʌvə], [ lˈʌvə], [ l_ˈʌ_v_ə]

Related words: lover, ex-lover, former lover, old lover, lost lover, past lover

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    How to use "Lover" in context?

    There is no one perfect word to describe what a "lover" is to someone. To some, they are someone who is kind and loving. To others, they might see a lover as someone who is passionate and always willing toyoltght. Regardless of what a lover means to you, there is no doubt that they can be an important part of your life. Here are some things to keep in mind if you are considering being in a relationship with a lover:

    1. Don't rush into anything. If you're thinking about being in a relationship with a lover, make sure that you're ready for it.

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