What is another word for half?

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When we refer to an amount that is not the full one, we use the word "half." However, it's possible to use other words that carry the same meaning. For instance, one could use the word "part" to indicate half of something. Conversely, instead of saying "half of a piece of paper," you could say "a piece of paper cut in half." Another word to use is "portion," which is often used in cooking; instead of half a cup of sugar, you could use a portion of sugar. One could also use the words "fraction" or "split," depending on the context. All these words are useful to vary your sentences and avoid repetition.

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    Half is an interesting number. It is the sum of two whole numbers. For example, half of 5 is 2. Half of 10 is 5. Half of a candy bar is 6. Half of a classroom is 12. Half of a year is 6 months. Half of a human is 2/3. Half of a penny is 1. Half of a dollar is .50. Half of a loaf of bread is 1/2. Half of a pie is 1/4. Half of a soccer goal is 6. Half of a tennis ball is 2. Half of a train cars is 12. Half of a traffic light is 4.

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    • haff.

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