What is another word for pivotal?

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Pivotal, as a word, signifies something significant or crucial that affects the outcome of a particular situation. There are several words or phrases with similar meanings as pivotal, including critical, decisive, pivotal, turning point, and significant. The term decisive is commonly used to describe something essential, whereas critical refers to an outcome that is necessary for victory. Turning point implies a change of direction, and crucial marks the difference between a significant change or a non-event. The term significant usually is used for something that has a considerable impact on the overall situation. Therefore, you can use any of these words or phrases interchangeably when writing or speaking.

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How to use "Pivotal" in context?

Pivotal is a term that is often used in business. It means that a particular event, decision, or action is especially important or influential. It can also mean that the success of a particular project or undertaking depends on it.

The word has come to be used more broadly in our lives. For example, a pivotal moment in a person's life can be when they make a major decision that affects their future. Similarly, a pivotal moment in a relationship can be when one person makes a significant contribution to the relationship.

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