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The word "everyday" is commonly used to describe routine or ordinary occurrences in our daily lives. However, if you want to add variety to your language and avoid repeating the same word, there are plenty of synonyms you can use. Some options include "mundane," "routine," "commonplace," "ordinary," "routine," "typical," "regualr," "usual," "conventional," and "familiar." Each of these words implies that something is happening on a regular basis, but can be used in different contexts depending on what you want to convey. So if you're tired of saying "everyday," try experimenting with some of these synonyms to add more color to your language.

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    As we live our lives every day, it becomes increasingly difficult to take notice of the small, ordinary moments that make up everyday life. These moments can be summed up by the simple phrase "everyday is someone's birthday." In the blink of an eye, someone we know or have never met has turned another day and, in doing so, has brought new hope, new joy and new memories. Everyday is a chance to be kind and to show compassion, something that becomes even more important as we grow older. We must remember that, though we may be new to this day and this world, everyone around us has been through their own version of it.

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