What is another word for more into?

296 synonyms found


[ mˈɔːɹ ˌɪntʊ], [ mˈɔːɹ ˌɪntʊ], [ m_ˈɔː_ɹ ˌɪ_n_t_ʊ]

Synonyms for More into:

How to use "More into" in context?

We all have moments where we just want to be more into something. Whether it's a TV show, movie, book, or anything else, there are certain things that captivate us and hold our attention. Whether it's the story, the characters, or just the way the thing is presented, there are a few things that make us more into something.

There are a few things that can make us more into something. For some people, it might be the story. Whether it's a good one or a bad one, a good story captivates us and keeps us interested. For others, it might be the characters.

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