What is another word for insensitive?

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Insensitive is a word that carries a negative connotation and is often used to describe someone who lacks compassion or is thoughtless. Some synonyms for insensitive include callous, unfeeling, hard-hearted, indifferent, and apathetic. A callous person is one who is emotionally hardened and indifferent to others' feelings, while someone who is unfeeling lacks empathy and compassion. A hard-hearted individual is similarly cold and unsympathetic, while someone who is indifferent may lack concern or interest in others. Finally, an apathetic person may display a lack of emotion or enthusiasm, further emphasizing their insensitivity towards others.

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    There aren't many things in life that grandparents love more than getting photos of their grandchildren. But one Michigan grandmother learned the hard way that sometimes the photos can be taken in an insensitive way.

    Betsy Smith, 72, was out with her family at a water park when her grandchildren decided to take a picture of her in her bathing suit. For some reason, they posed her in a way that made her look like she was WWE wrestler The Undertaker.

    "We were all laughing and joking andaging, taking silly pictures like that. Then I saw this one with my hair all messed up and started to cry," Smith said.

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