What is another word for clumsy?

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[ klˈʌmzɪ], [ klˈʌmzɪ], [ k_l_ˈʌ_m_z_ɪ]

Synonyms for Clumsy:

inelegant (adjective) neglectful (adjective) vulgar (adjective) Other synonyms:

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Quotes for Clumsy:

  1. If a ballet dancer falls over, it's knowing how to get out looking clumsy that counts. Ritchie Blackmore.
  2. There have been times when I reread- or at least leafed through- something because I'd sent a copy to a friend, and what usually happened was that I noticed dozens and dozens of clumsy phrases I wished I could rewrite. Peter Straub.
  3. International relationships are preordained to be clumsy gestures based on imperfect knowledge. Rebecca West.