What is another word for enchanted?

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[ ɛnt͡ʃˈantɪd], [ ɛnt‍ʃˈantɪd], [ ɛ_n_tʃ_ˈa_n_t_ɪ_d]

The term "enchanted" means to be charmed or mesmerized by something. Synonyms for this word can range from "spellbound" to "captivated" to "enamored." These words all describe the feeling of being emotionally invested in something, whether that be a person, place, or thing. Other synonyms for "enchanted" include "entranced," "fascinated," "delighted," and "beguiled." Each of these words captures a unique aspect of the feeling of being under a spell or captivated by something, and can be used interchangeably to convey the same sense of wonder and amazement. These synonyms can be used in a variety of contexts, from describing a breathtaking landscape to expressing a whimsical romance.

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How to use "Enchanted" in context?

When we think of things that are "enchanted," we often think of things that are peculiarly beautiful or exciting. But what makes something truly "enchanted?" The adjective enchanting has roots in the Latin word "enchanto," meaning "to charm." To be "enchanted" means to be emotionally attached to something, to be captivated by its beauty or charm. Enchanting things can make us feel happy or relaxed, and sometimes they can trigger memories and nostalgia. Some people even believe that being "enchanted" can ward off harm or bring good luck.

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