What is another word for superficial?

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Superficial is a word that expresses the idea of being shallow or surface-level, and there are plenty of synonyms that convey this sense. Some common synonyms for superficial include cursory, shallow, skin-deep, and surface-level. Other options include trivial, flimsy, facade, and insubstantial. These synonyms all describe something that is superficial or lacking in depth, whether it's a person, an idea, or an aspect of a situation. Superficiality can be frustrating or unappealing, but it's a common aspect of modern life, and having a range of synonyms for superficial can help us communicate our feelings about it more effectively.

Synonyms for Superficial:

How to use "Superficial" in context?

Superficial may refer to:

1) The surface of a body or object, which is visible but not necessarily Lalated.

2) A characteristic of someone or something that is not deep or fundamental.

3) A brief remark or observation that is not really important.

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