What is another word for mushiness?

Pronunciation: [mˈʌʃɪnəs] (IPA)

"Mushiness" refers to a soft, spongy texture or a sentimental, gushy sentiment. Synonyms for this word could be "squelchiness" for the texture, or "sentimentality" or "gooeyness" for the emotional connotation. "Sponginess" or "pulpiness" could also be used to describe the texture of something soft and squishy, while "sappiness" or "cheesiness" might be used to convey the sentimentality of something overly emotional or melodramatic. "Tenderness" could be used to describe a softer, gentler emotion, while "overly-affectionate" or "lovey-dovey" could suggest an excessive or exaggerated display of affection or sentimentality. Ultimately, there are many different ways to describe mushiness, depending on the context in which it is used.

What are the hypernyms for Mushiness?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the hyponyms for Mushiness?

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  • hyponyms for mushiness (as nouns)

What are the opposite words for mushiness?

Mushiness refers to being overly sentimental, emotional or soft. Antonyms for the term include firmness, hardness, strength, toughness and ruggedness. Firmness implies stability and confidence, with no room for indecisiveness or hesitation. Hardness implies toughness, resilience and a stern approach to things. Strength refers to the ability to endure adversity, challenges and difficulties. Toughness implies emotional or physical resilience, endurance, and a willingness to push through challenges. Ruggedness refers to the ability to withstand tough conditions, weather or terrain with strength, durability and resilience. Using these antonyms, we can add more depth and variety to our descriptions, and avoid using mushiness inappropriately.

What are the antonyms for Mushiness?

Usage examples for Mushiness

At sight of Emma, Sir William's heart melted to mushiness.
Albert Payson Terhune
There was no subdued conference-no murmuring of mushiness such as a meeting in the morning might be expected to elicit in case there was any sort of an understanding between them.
"When Egypt Went Broke"
Holman Day
Then he went home, snarling about my mushiness.
"Sunny Slopes"
Ethel Hueston

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