What is another word for carelessness?

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[ kˈe͡ələsnəs], [ kˈe‍ələsnəs], [ k_ˈeə_l_ə_s_n_ə_s]

Related words: careless driving, careless actions, careless words, careless mistakes, careless person

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    How to use "Carelessness" in context?

    The definition of carelessness is doing something without thinking about the possible consequences. This can be done in a variety of ways, from making careless mistakes to simply not care about what might happen. This can lead to problems or incidents, as carelessness often results in faulty or dangerous behaviors.

    Carelessness can be a simple mistake, or it can be a more serious issue. For example, reckless driving is a careless action that can lead to serious injury or death. carelessly setting a fire can also cause a lot of damage.

    The consequences of carelessness can be serious, and often result in negative consequences.

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