What is another word for emotionalism?

Pronunciation: [ɪmˈə͡ʊʃənəlˌɪzəm] (IPA)

Emotionalism refers to an excessive and overt display of emotions. It could be seen as being overly emotional or sentimental. Synonyms for emotionalism include passion, sentimentality, drama, exaggerated feeling, effusiveness, and sentiment. Some of the related words include melodrama, sensationalism, hysteria, and affectation. Passion is a strong emotion or feeling for something or someone, while sentimentality is the tendency to be overly sentimental or nostalgic. Similarly, effusiveness refers to an exaggerated display of emotion, while sentiment refers to a tender or romantic feeling towards someone or something. These synonyms provide various ways to describe emotionalism, depending on the context or the tone of the conversation.

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What are the opposite words for emotionalism?

The word "emotionalism" refers to the excessive or unregulated expression of emotions. Antonyms for emotionalism include stoicism, restraint, apathy, indifference, and impassiveness. Stoicism suggests an attitude of calm resilience in the face of adversity. Restraint connotes self-control and discipline in the display of emotions. Apathy implies a lack of emotion or interest in a situation. Indifference refers to a state of not caring or being neutral. Impassiveness indicates a lack of emotional response or reaction to a particular circumstance. All of these words provide an alternative to being overwhelmed by one's feelings and advocate for a measured response to emotional situations.

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Usage examples for Emotionalism

And it may certainly be argued that a serene resignation in the presence of death is quite as valuable as the hectic emotionalism of cultivated religious belief.
"A Grammar of Freethought"
Chapman Cohen
No other of Goethe's youthful productions, indeed, better illustrates the literary emotionalism of the time when it was written, and some notion of its character and scope is desirable in view of all his relations to Lili.
"The Youth of Goethe"
Peter Hume Brown
A trend to violence and a resentful emotionalism are combined with desperate attempts to spur the jaded adrenals with artificial excitements.
"The Glands Regulating Personality"
Louis Berman, M.D.

Famous quotes with Emotionalism

  • Liberal Democrats are going to wake up from their sadomasochistic, anti-Palin orgy with a very big hangover. The evil genie released during this sorry episode will not so easily go back into its bottle. A shocking level of irrational emotionalism and at times infantile rage was exposed at the heart of current Democratic ideology — contradicting Democratic core principles of compassion, tolerance and independent thought. One would have to look back to the Eisenhower 1950s for parallels to this grotesque lock-step parade of bourgeois provincialism, shallow groupthink and blind prejudice.
    Sarah Palin
  • The term "radical middle" debuted on the national stage in 1995 in a cover story by Joe Klein. ... Almost a decade later, the electorate is more polarized than ever. ... Not so, according to New Age activist-cum-sensible centrist, Mark Satin, whose new book announces the arrival of a kinder, gentler radical middle, Think of it as a "compassionate conservatism" for the center-left. ... Satin wants his book to be the movement's manifesto. Like the political newsletter he's been issuing since 1999, .. Satin's rhetoric employs New Age emotionalism in the service of mostly hard-nosed, rational solutions to a broad spectrum of social and political problems. True to claim, the policy proposals cataloged here don't fit neatly into the standard left / right model. ... The most provocative ideas combine a leftist concern for the commonwealth with a conservative instinct for individual responsibility and self-reliance.
    Mark Satin
  • I have joined, once and for all, the ranks of the intellectual experimentalists. I can hardly bear the sound of the words "expressionism," "emotionalism," "personality," and such, because they imply the wish to express personal life, and I prefer to have no personal life. Personal art is for me a matter of spiritual indelicacy.
    Marsden Hartley
  • ..of what use is a painting which does not realize its aesthetical problem? Underlying all sensible works of art, there must be somewhere in evidence the particular problems understood. It was so with those artists of the great past who had the intellectual knowledge of structure upon which to place their emotions. It is this structural beauty that makes the old [clssical] painting valuable. And so it becomes to me a problem. I would rather be sure that I had placed two colors in true relationship to each other than to have exposed a wealth of emotionalism gone wrong in the name of richness of personal expression.. .The real artists have always been interested in this problem, and you feel it strongly in the work of [Leonardo] Da Vinci, Piero della Francesca, Courbet, Pissarro, Seurat, and Cezanne.
    Marsden Hartley
  • Now dogma, based primarily on faith and emotionalism, is a dangerous weapon to use on others, since it is almost impossible to guarantee that the weapon will never be turned on the user.
    Isaac Asimov

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