What is another word for muzhik?

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[ mˈʌʒɪk], [ mˈʌʒɪk], [ m_ˈʌ_ʒ_ɪ_k]

Muzhik is a Russian term used to denote a peasant or a rural worker. Some possible synonyms for this term could include serf, farmer, crofter, rural laborer, agricultural worker, countryman, rustic, or peasant. Each of these words conveys a slightly different connotation or implication, but all of them reference a person who works on the land and is often associated with a simpler, more traditional way of life. By choosing different synonyms for muzhik, writers and speakers can adjust the tone and style of their language to better match the context and intended audience.

How to use "Muzhik" in context?

Muzhik literally means " labourer " in Russian. This word is used widely in Russia to refer to all rural people, regardless of their ethnicity. In general, the muzhik is considered the backbone of Russian society. He is the one who is most often relied upon to do the most manual labour, such as working on farms and in factories. The muzhik is also the one who is most often expected to do the cooking and cleaning, as well as provide for his family.

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