What is another word for cropper?

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The word "cropper" refers to a person who harvests crops. Many synonyms can be used to describe this occupation. These include "harvester," "reaper," "gleaner," "picker," and "thresher." Each of these words indicates a different aspect of the job, such as the act of cutting or collecting crops, separating grain from the stalks, or gathering fallen grains from the ground. Other synonyms include "field worker" or "agricultural laborer." These words suggest a broader range of tasks in addition to harvesting crops, such as planting, tending, and maintaining fields. Regardless of the term used, crop harvesters play a crucial role in the agricultural industry.

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How to use "Cropper" in context?

A cropper works with a machine that cuts fabric alongside the selvage, or edge, which helps to keep your fabric from unraveling.

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