What is another word for peon?

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Peon is a word that is used to describe someone who performs menial or unskilled labor. Synonyms for the word peon include servant, laborer, worker, drudge, and serf. A peon is someone who is considered to be of lower social status and performs work that is often considered to be undesirable or unimportant. Other synonyms for peon include hireling, wage slave, and menial worker. Although some may view these words as derogatory, they are still commonly used in the English language to describe people who are engaged in manual labor or other low-paying jobs. Regardless of the terminology used, all workers deserve respect and fair treatment in the workplace.

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    In the Philippines, the word "peon" is used to describe an uneducated, low-income person. This term is used to differentiate between the wealthy and the poor.

    The history of the word "peon" is interesting. It is derived from the Spanish word "penon", which means "small man". When the Spanish colonizers arrived in the Philippines, they found a society in which social distinctions were based on wealth and power. The Spanish used the word "penon" to describe the poor people they saw.

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