What is another word for serf?

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Serf, a person who is bound to serve a lord and is considered as a property, has several synonyms in the English language. These synonyms include bondsman, thrall, helot, villein, peon, vassal, and captive. A bondsman is a person who is bound to work for a specific period to repay a debt. A thrall is a slave or a person who is held in bondage. A helot is a serf or slave in ancient Sparta. A villein is a feudal tenant who is bound to work for a lord in return for land. A peon is a person who is forced to perform menial tasks. A vassal is a person who is under the protection of a lord. And a captive is a person who is held as a prisoner.

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How to use "Serf" in context?

The word "serf" is derived from the French word "serf," which originally referred to a man or woman who was the personal property of a feudal lord. A serf was able toown little or no property and could not farm on his own land, but was required to work the land belonging to his lord for a fixed number of hours each week. In return, the serf was provided with food and shelter.

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