What is another word for planter?

Pronunciation: [plˈantə] (IPA)

Planter is a common term used to describe something in which plants can be grown. However, there are many synonyms for this word depending on the context and type of planter. For instance, a flowerpot, vase, or urn can all be referred to as a planter for indoor plants. A container gardener or raised bed can be used for outdoor plants. A window box can be seen as a planter for balcony plants. A grow box, trellis, or hanging basket all serves the purpose of planting. In botany, the term nursery or propagation bed is considered a planter for seedlings. In short, several synonyms can be used interchangeably for the word planter depending on the selected plant and type of planting.

Synonyms for Planter:

What are the hypernyms for Planter?

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What are the opposite words for planter?

Planters are typically containers used for growing plants; however, there are various antonyms or opposite words that can be used when referring to planters. The first antonym of planter that comes to mind is a remover, which refers to someone or something that removes plants or destroys them. The second antonym is a harvester, which is someone who collects or harvests crops from a field or garden. The third antonym is a hater, referring to someone who dislikes or hates plants. Fourthly, a polluter is the opposite of a planter, as they damage the environment by polluting the soil and water bodies. Lastly, a desertifier is someone or something that causes a desert to form, which is the complete opposite of a planter that helps create a lush and green environment.

Usage examples for Planter

A "drill" or mechanical planter drawn by horses was used, which could be adapted for use with oats, barley or rye.
"Frying Pan Farm"
Elizabeth Brown Pryor
With these tasks completed, and a final check on the barns to see that all was snug, the farmer's day was nearly complete by about 6:00. He ate a hearty supper, then read The Southern planter, and possibly mended farm machinery or did a little work in the barn.
"Frying Pan Farm"
Elizabeth Brown Pryor
Whites, sallow-complexioned townspeople, there were too, standing about exchanging conversation-rather listlessly, for the close of a hot summer day in Durban is apt to find men not a little languid-and here and there a bronzed planter or farmer cantering down the street, bound for his country home among the sugar-canes or the bush.
"The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley"
Bertram Mitford

Famous quotes with Planter

  • My uncle is a Southern planter. He's an undertaker in Alabama.
    Fred Allen
  • The planter, the farmer, the mechanic, and the laborer... form the great body of the people of the United States, they are the bone and sinew of the country men who love liberty and desire nothing but equal rights and equal laws.
    Andrew Jackson
  • The beginning of 1856 found me teaching in the family of a planter named Bryan, residing in Prince George County, Md., some fifteen or twenty miles from Washington.
    Simon Newcomb
  • All this time I lived with my parents, and wrought on the plantation; and having had schooling pretty well for a planter, I used to improve myself in winter evenings, and other leisure times.
    John Woolman
  • This is "a round unvarnished tale" of the chequered adventures of an African who early in life was torn from his native country by those savage dealers in a traffic disgraceful to humanity and which has fixed a stain on the legislature of Britain, which nothing but its abolition can remove. With what propriety can we boast of our humanity and love of justice whilst we continue a commerce inconsistent with either? [...] The narrative appears to be written with much truth and simplicity. The author's account of the manners of the natives of his own province () is interesting and pleasing; and the reader, unless perchance he is either a West-India planter or Liverpool merchant, will find his humanity severely wounded by the shameless barbarity practised towards the author's hapless countrymen in our colonies.
    Olaudah Equiano

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