What is another word for planter?

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[ plˈantə], [ plˈantə], [ p_l_ˈa_n_t_ə]

Planter is a common term used to describe something in which plants can be grown. However, there are many synonyms for this word depending on the context and type of planter. For instance, a flowerpot, vase, or urn can all be referred to as a planter for indoor plants. A container gardener or raised bed can be used for outdoor plants. A window box can be seen as a planter for balcony plants. A grow box, trellis, or hanging basket all serves the purpose of planting. In botany, the term nursery or propagation bed is considered a planter for seedlings. In short, several synonyms can be used interchangeably for the word planter depending on the selected plant and type of planting.

Synonyms for Planter:

How to use "Planter" in context?

A planter is a tool used for planting. It is essentially a long, thin stick with a tool attached at one end, commonly used for breaking up the soil.

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