What is another word for yeoman?

Pronunciation: [jˈə͡ʊmən] (IPA)

Yeoman is a term that has its origins in medieval England and refers to a freeholder who was responsible for cultivating their own land. Over time, the meaning of yeoman evolved, and today it is often used to describe someone who is hardworking, dependable, and skilled. Synonyms for yeoman include farmer, laborer, worker, artisan, craftsman, and tradesman. These words emphasize the idea of someone who is skilled in a particular craft or trade and who works hard to produce quality work. Other synonyms for yeoman include patriot, loyalist, and defender, which communicate a sense of personal responsibility and commitment to a cause or belief.

Synonyms for Yeoman:

What are the hypernyms for Yeoman?

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What are the hyponyms for Yeoman?

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What are the opposite words for yeoman?

Yeoman is a term used to describe a person who is hard-working, diligent, and skilled in a particular trade or craft. Its antonyms would be lazy, unskilled, and incompetent. Other antonyms include incompetent, untrained, and novice, which describe someone lacking in proficiency or skill. Additionally, a person who lacks expertise or knowledge could be described as ignorant or uninformed, which are also antonyms of yeoman. These antonyms highlight the importance of skill and effort in achieving success and recognition in any field of work. Choosing to be a yeoman requires dedication, persistence, and a willingness to learn and improve, which ultimately lead to excellence in one's profession.

What are the antonyms for Yeoman?

Usage examples for Yeoman

The hills did not speak to him of legend or history but of the sentiment of the unsophisticated yeoman or 'statesman.
"English Literature and Society in the Eighteenth Century"
Leslie Stephen
Or are the gaudy hue of my hair and the yeoman proportions of my shape responsible for the idea?
"The Orchard of Tears"
Sax Rohmer
His grandfather was a Northamptonshire yeoman.
"Daniel Defoe"
William Minto

Famous quotes with Yeoman

  • A chief petty officer taught me shorthand, which got me promoted to yeoman first class.
    Jack Adams
  • The field of Architecture has given rise to a second major principle relating to the Life Cycle of Systems. This principle has emerged from the observation that temporary buildings erected to house Navy personnel in World War I continued to see yeoman service in World War II as well as in subsequent ventures, and are now a permanent, if fading, feature of Constitution Avenue in Washington... We conclude: A temporary patch will very likely be permanent.
    John Gall
  • The eye of the yeoman and peasant sought in vain the tall form of old Sir Henry Lee of Ditchley, as, wrapped in his laced cloak, and with beard and whiskers duly composed, he moved slowly through the aisles, followed be the faithful mastiff, or bloodhound, which in old time had saved his master by his fidelity, and which regularly followed him to church. Bevis indeed, fell under the proverb which avers, ‘He is a good dog, which goes to church’; for, bating an occasional temptation to warble along with the accord, he behaved himself as decorously as any of the congregation, and returned much edified, perhaps, as most of them.
    Walter Scott
  • At Athens and Athens alone, a new stamp of person was being born, neither baron nor yeoman, but a man of the city. A citizen.
    Steven Pressfield

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