What is another word for maneuver?

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The word "maneuver" refers to the act of skillfully navigating a situation, often in order to achieve particular goals. There are many synonyms for this term, which can be useful for writers who want to vary their language and avoid repetition. Examples of synonyms for maneuver include "manipulation," "strategy," "tactic," "ploy," "ploy," "move," and "feint." Other synonyms include "maneuvering," "maneuverability," "maneuverability," "skills," "dexterity," "craft," and "subtlety." Depending on the context in which it is used, any of these terms could be used to convey the same basic idea of skillful handling or navigation of a situation.

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    There are many maneuvers to consider when learning how to drive. Maneuvers can include: making a right turn, merging onto the roadway, passing, changing lanes, taking the exit ramp, turning around, and getting back on to the freeway.

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