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Agreed is a word that signifies agreement or consent. There are numerous synonyms for this word. Some of them are "concurred," which implies a mutual agreement, "assented," which denotes approval, and "accorded," which indicates harmony. Other synonyms for agreed are "endorsed," "ratified," and "sanctioned," all of which denote a formal acknowledgment of an agreement. The word "affirmed" is often used to show a positive agreement, while "acquiesced" can suggest a passive agreement. The word "conceded" may be used when there has been some reluctance in agreeing to something. Overall, there are many synonyms for agreed, each carrying a slightly different connotation of agreement.

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False Agreement

There are a few things to keep in mind when you are discussing or agreeing to something. The first is to make sure that you are both understanding what is being agreed to and that you are both committing to the same thing. The second is that both of you should be comfortable with the terms of the agreement. If one of you does not feel comfortable with the terms, then the agreement may not be legitimate. The third is to be sure to document the agreement in a formal way. This way, there is proof of what was agreed to and it can be easier to track if one party backs out of the agreement.

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